Virtual Squad

SuperFly Squad

Want access to the best coaches, without personal coaching?

We have curated several of the best practices we offer our private clients and put them at your fingertips! If you are an athlete looking for a training plan with ongoing guidance and support scaled to your specific abilities and life balance, 
we have you covered!

The Virtual Squad is an Interactive Training Experience designed for edge-seeking triathletes who want to be coached by the coaches who have been where they want to go and are ready to make it happen!  Immerse yourself with extraordinary athletes, peers who will push you, support you, and lift you up like never before.

We set out to build the SuperFly Squad with your experience as the foundation. We challenged ourselves to give athletes an amazing alternative to personalized coaching, without compromising quality.

To do this, several things have to be in place:

- New training plan written for you every week!
- Foundational training regimes for a variety of distances and levels 
- Up to 2 days off a week if you choose
- Workout prioritization so you can identify what is important
- A level of customization to insure success
- Access to our "KEY WORKOUT LIBRARY" 
- 2 LIVE WEBINARS a month for you to get feedback and answers to your questions
- Ongoing tips and suggestions to keep training fun and exciting
- Additional access to coaches through webinars and forums

$300 / 3 months
$550 / 6 months
1000/ 12 months

A Plan with options that put YOU in control

Every squad member has the options. 

- Adam Zucco writes the schedule in 2-week blocks

- Each week is set with an optional 0-2 days off per week based on your training ability and time

- Each workout is scaled to your ability and goals so you always know the work is specific to YOU

- Workouts are prioritized, so you always know what are the key points for the week

- The Key workout library is always there for you to swap workouts out based on your goals


Superfly Training Plans are race proven. As a squad member you will have access to ALL of out training plan libraries.

From finish your first triathlon and marathon plans, to plans to help you qualify! 

In addition to the workouts written weekly, you can choose to load any of these plans and further customize them with "Key workout substitutions with access to all our Key sessions. 

- On Going - 

- Monthly Webinars and Q&A Groups for questions, education and tips for schedule modifications, experts and more!

- Optional alternate (Key workouts) will be suggested each month

- FAQs -

- Based on your personal athletic history and goals, we will design a plan for you while you decide

- Not sure this is for you? 
- Our squad is made up of ALL Levels, ALL abilities. Our camps, and gatherings are for everyone. Remember - this is for YOU! We are all just here to support you and build community.