Team SuperFly

Team SuperFly Squad

Are you a triathlete worried you will not be able to keep up? 
Not sure if the workouts are the most effective for your schedule? 
Do you wish you had a place/forum to ask questions? 
Want to hang out at races with some of your teammates? 
Get great advice, but not sure where to go for the follow through? 
This is for any athlete living in Sarasota, FL and surrounding areas who wants the opportunity to interact and workout with other athletes and coaches. 
Here is how it works: 
While you can deviate from the scheduled workouts, the foundational plan will be built around these races: 
Apr. 29/30 - St. Anthony’s 
May 7th - Gulf Coast 70.3
June 4/5 - Heartland 
Aug 6 - Top Gun
Oct 23/24 - Great Floridian
Dec 4/5 - Clash Daytona 

- Daily workouts tailored toward the races the team will target. Workouts will be prioritized and adjusted to your abilities and goals. 
- IN PERSON workouts! Lets suffer together for our key sessions!  Format and venues will accommodate a wide range of abilities. Just bring your motivation! 
- Training sessions will often be on courses where you can go any pace you want and still stay together. This allows us to challenge you to your fullest and not leave anyone behind.

Trusted Local Resources
  • Bike fit
  • Swim analysis
  • Metabolic testing
  • Massage
  • Chiropractic 
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Nutrition 
  • And MORE
2 x Zoom calls per month (recorded if you cannot attend) 
3 x Clinics per year TBA
Social gatherings TBA 
- All Squad members will also be Sarasota Storm members 
- All Squad Members will also be Village Idiot Members
- T-shirt and hats for all members 
This will allow you to take part in all of their activities and events as well. Our goal is community. 

Not local to Sarasota? Not a problem
We understand you may have some different races and will not be able to make all the group settings. We will help you adjust the training based on your goals using our training as your foundation. 
You also have access to ALL TRAINING PLANS, community, and advice. We will work with you to adjust the training for your races. 

A Plan with options that put YOU in control:

- Adam Zucco writes the schedule in 2-week blocks.

- Each week is set with an optional 0-2 days off per week based on your training ability and time.

- Each workout is scaled to your ability and goals so you always know the work is specific to YOU.

- Workouts are prioritized, so you always know your key points for the week.

- The Key Workout Library is always there for you to swap workouts out based on your goals.

Free Consult

Questions on how it works?


Schedule a 15 min call
  • Have Questions? No problem.


Training remotely?


  •  Daily Workouts
  • Adjustments for your races
  • 2 Monthly Zooms
  • Community Page
  • Access to all Training Plans
  • Access for help and support