Take your coaching Business to the next level!

what is included in being a part of the superfly coach mentorship program?

    • Monthly promotion of a coach (Spotlight of them and our an athlete accomplishment)
    • Podcast with a coach 
    • Monthly ZOOM For business
    • Monthly Training Q/A
    • Highlight Any blog they want to share
    • Slack Q/A about training for athletes (SF?)
    • Ability content to Membership (upon approval) 
    • Athletes you coach will have free membership access
    • Discount on Ironman University
    • Discounted Strength training for athletes 
    • Discounted Swim training for athletes

  • 2 per year FREE FOR COACHES, expenses only for athletes 

Forms and sequences for you to use
    • Get Started Forms
    • Waivers
    • Welcome email sequence
    • Facebook group 
    • Shared Sales Pages

What is the business course outline?

  • Week 1: Profit Plan
    • Business metrics
    • Capacity
    • Value Ladder
    • Individual vs. Group Coaching vs. Training Plans
  • Week 2: Avatar and Messaging
    • Why you need to pick 1 type of person
      • Specific message, easier distribution of coaching, pick people you LIKE to work with.
    • Speak to the problem and frustration
      • I help X do Y without Z
    • Offers
      • Biggest Mistakes/Roadblocks
      • Using those to create pillars/sign posts on their way to “success”
  • Week 3: Website
    • The importance of being online
    • Automations/Scale/Leverage
    • Branding
    • Opt Ins
  • Week 4: Implementation
  • Week 5: Marketing
    • Content
    • Social Media
    • Paid Traffic
  • Week 6: Sales
    • Sales Training
    • Sales Scripts
Superfly Coaching Mentorship Program (with free course and ongoing private mentorship) $150/month
Course on building your coaching business $399 (normally $499)