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You're happiest when in top form, but maintaining a healthy balance between your personal fitness and the rest of your life is no cakewalk. SuperFly makes it easier: our Coaching services are designed to cut out unnecessary anxiety so you can focus on getting there without having to compromise.


The Rarest coaches have a combination of technical & practical knowledge. SuperFly has both.

Some athletes want more dialogue and feedback along the way. Some simply want to have confidence in a personalized approach and set in a direction. We want to give you all the tools you need to succeed- period. The main difference between plans is how much interaction you want with your coach, and how fast you want it.


Coach-assisted Training


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  • 12-Week Training Plan
  • Monthly Key Workouts
  • Monthly Webinar
  • Strength Training
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Enhanced personal coaching

$249 - $449/mo

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  • 2 Week Block Scheduling
  • Weekly Schedule Changes
  • Biweekly Data Review
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Our Coaches

Standard: $375/mo
Premier: $450/mo
Adam Zucco

CEO, Head Coach, & nine-time Kona Finisher. Adam coached Ben Kanute of Team USA to the Rio Olympics & has qualified dozens of Kona athletes.

Standard: $200/mo
Premier: $400/mo
Scott Iott

Scott Iott is a USAT-certified Level I triathlon coach, as well as a 6-time Kona Qualifier with years of multisport experience across a range of distances.

Standard: $149/mo
Premier: $249/mo
Jess Kahnke

With  years of experience across a variety of sports & distances, Jess is certified in USA Level III Cycling & Swimming and RRCA Level I Running.

Standard: $149/mo
Premier: $249/mo
Katie Colville

Katie Colville is a USAT-certified Level I coach. She also has a degree from the University of Georgia in Exercise and Sport Science.

Standard + Nutrition & Lifestyle: $250/mo
Tanya Zucco

Coach, resident nutrition expert, and certified Metabolic Efficiency Specialist. Tanya focuses on daily athletics, race weight, & performance nutrition.

Standard: $149/mo
Premier: $249/mo
Nick Modrzejewski

Nick Modrzejewski is a USA-certified Level III Cycling coach with more than a decade of experience in competitive endurance sports.

Standard: $149/mo
Premier: $249/mo
David MacMillan

David MacMillan is an accomplished triathlete and experienced training coach with a professional background as a clinical pharmacist. 

Standard: $125/mo
Dale Erdmier

Coach, Marathoner & 6-time Boston Marathon qualifier with 7 years of running experience, Dale is here to help you reach your next running goal.

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Jim Vance

Coach, triathlete, & TrainingBible Coaching manager. Jim's athletes have won national championships & qualified for many world championships.

Standard: $149/mo
Premier: $249/mo
Eric Turner

Eric Turner is an Auburn University Swim Team alumnus and High School All-American with three decades of swimming experience.

Standard: $149/mo
Premier: $249/mo
Cesar Valera

Cesar Valera is a USAT-certified Level I coach and a USMS-certified Level II coach, in addition to his certification as an ICC-licensed life coach.

Standard: $149/mo
Premier: $249/mo
Eric Abbott

3-time 70.3 WC qualifier, with a degree in kinesiology from Central Michigan University with 10+ years in multisport, specializing in swim and bike.