Reach your goals

Go Further.

Personalized coaching is just that - Personal. As an athlete myself - I GET IT! Endurance sports INSPIRE and MOTIVATE people! They have a way of getting into the fabric of our lives and becoming involved in all aspects of what we do. 
Having a goal, and motivation does not make execution easy. There will be ups and downs. Life will happen and when it does, having a coach who understand how to navigate those situations is critical

the art of science

coaching should be based in science. great coaches understand the art of applying it to unique situations .

On my journey as a completely out of shape 240-pound beginner, to a 9x Kona Finisher (With a Personal best of 9:16) I was desperate to learn and become the best I could be! 
While several mentors were great, most of them left me looking for more. They had some great information, but didn’t have a complete understanding of what made me who I am. My experiences, current strength and weaknesses. Components I felt were necessary for me to succeed. 
We believe in a holistic approach. Yes, data is critical, but so are YOU!
Through this philosophy, I have coached an Olympian, an Olympic Marathon Trial qualifier, dozens of Kona Qualifiers, and completely out of shape people change their lives forever! All of them have things in common. They are inspired to meet their goals and compete with themselves and sometimes others. 
Through years of education, and experience, and continuing to surround myself with great mentors and like-minded coaches is how I make sure SuperFly offers a premium coaching experience. 
Our team of coaches meet consistently to make sure we are always offering our athletes the best service and advice. 

We offer Private 1:1 coaching by application only.

We want to make sure we understand your goals. What makes you the athlete you are, and what needs to happen for you to achieve your next goal and beyond. 

Our coaches do not cut corners. We want to design a personal plan that meets you where you are on your journey. We like to first start with a consultation that allows us to understand you, your level of experience, goals and expectations. 

Prices range from $150.00 - $550.00 per month.

Our Coaches

Adam Zucco

CEO, Head Coach, & nine-time Kona Finisher. Adam coached Ben Kanute of Team USA to the Rio Olympics & has qualified dozens of Kona athletes.

Scott Iott

Scott Iott is a USAT-certified Level I triathlon coach, as well as a 6-time Kona Qualifier with years of multisport experience across a range of distances.

Jess Kahnke

With  years of experience across a variety of sports & distances, Jess is certified in USA Level III Cycling & Swimming and RRCA Level I Running.

Katie Colville

Katie Colville is a USAT-certified Level I coach. She also has a degree from the University of Georgia in Exercise and Sport Science.

Tanya Zucco

Coach, resident nutrition expert, and certified Metabolic Efficiency Specialist. Tanya focuses on daily athletics, race weight, & performance nutrition.

Nick Modrzejewski

Nick Modrzejewski is a USA-certified Level III Cycling coach with more than a decade of experience in competitive endurance sports.

David MacMillan

David MacMillan is an accomplished triathlete and experienced training coach with a professional background as a clinical pharmacist. 

Dale Erdmier

Coach, marathoner, and 6-time Boston Marathon qualifier with 8 years of running experience. Certified VDOT, NASM CPT, & 200HR Yoga Teacher Training certified. 

Jim Vance

Coach, triathlete, & TrainingBible Coaching manager. Jim's athletes have won national championships & qualified for many world championships.

Eric Turner

Eric Turner is an Auburn University Swim Team alumnus and High School All-American with three decades of swimming experience.

Cesar Valera

Cesar Valera is a USAT-certified Level I coach and a USMS-certified Level II coach, in addition to his certification as an ICC-licensed life coach.

Garrett Krugg

 Garret is our resident strength coach with over 20 years of experience working with a multitude of athletes in the pursuit of improving one’s sports performance.