About Us

About Superfly

When I got into the sport I was very overweight, and could not finish an Olympic Distance race. However, I was eager, and excited to do better! 

I sought out all the best advice I could. Hired experts, hired coaches — even partnered with Joe Friel to create Training Bible Coaching. I transformed myself into a 9x Kona finisher, but more importantly learned SO MUCH along the way. 

There are things you can learn from books, and there are things you must experience. Rarely do coaches have both. Even rarer, are coaches who can communicate and pass on that information. That's where Superfly Coaching began.

About Our Coaches

We look for coaches who take coaching seriously as a profession. We work as a team. Every SuperFly athlete has the entire network of coaches as a resource. We have coached Olympians, Kona Qualifiers, National Qualifiers, first-timers and everything in-between. We work best with athletes who are looking for a coach to meet them where they are in their journey and can work together to improve.